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Lighting & Shades

Lighting and shades are some of the most important services we offer for a home. Set the overall mood of your home by brightening or dimming rooms. Also, we can help light up paths, from your garage to your front door or on your path to the kitchen when bringing in groceries.

We offer the best ambiance solutions. We will help you design and maintain the way you use your home with lighting and shades. Lutron is the best for both solutions. Other brands we offer are Clare Controls, Savant, Somfy, Hunter Douglas, and other major brands.

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You’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to turn the lights off. Control your lights even when you're away from home! Lights can also be programmed to make your home look occupied while you are on vacation.


  • Making sure all the lights are off when leaving will save on energy and utilities bills. Lighting systems alone will save you minimum 10 percent per year in electricity.
  • Minimize the number of switches on your walls, leaving you with beautiful looking walls, with total control of your lights
  • Custom engraved buttons, like welcome, chandelier, all off, etc.


Shades can be put on timers to open in the morning at a desired time and shut at night automatically. We offer all styles of shades, including:
  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Blackouts
  • Roller
  • Venetian
  • and More!

We highly recommend Lutron; it offers the quietest drives on the market for gorgeous and sleek looking shades.